Peloton Innovations
is a startup studio.
We rapidly and repeatedly turn ideas into products
and products into companies.

We are looking for incredible people to lead our companies.

Peloton is the world's premiere security industry start up studio.

Our team approach and process allows us to rapidly turn ideas into products and products into companies. Our team is comprised of ambitious, big thinkers, and innovators with years of industry specific experience and insights.

A Peloton is the main pack of professional cyclists who travel as an integrated unit, resulting in greater speed and efficiency.

Our Process

Our 3 stage process results in the highest probability of success for our companies.

Partners & Supporters

We are proud to be supported by these incredible partners.

Finance - Term Sheet -- Friday, November 10

Peloton Innovations, a Canada-based security startup studio, raised C$3 million ($2.4 million) in seed funding. Razor Suleman, Globalive Capital and Tim Hockey led the round.

Toronto’s Peloton Innovations Secure $3 Million for Startup Studio

While it may sound similar to an incubator model, co-founder Craig Campbell said the startup studio allows the Peloton team to turn ideas into products, and turn those products into companies.

Security startup studio Peloton raises C$3 mln in seed round

Peloton is focused on creating B2B and B2C products and services used in the protection industry.

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